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Prices subject to change. You would be notified prior to billing.
Our Homemade Barrel Kraut
$4.00 Per Quart
Award Winning Bone-In Ham
Average 15-16lb $75.00
Award Winning Boneless Hams
Average 6-8lb $42.00
Cajun Bacon
$8.49 Per Lb.
Country Cured Bacon
National Award Winner!
$8.49 Per Lb.
Pepper Bacon
$8.49 Per Lb.
Hill Billy Bacon
Baccon from the shoulder
$8.49 Per Lb.
Apple Cinnamon Bacon
$8.49 Per Lb.
Cheese Pepper Stix
$9.50 Per Pack
Italian Pepperoni Sticks
$10.00 Per 5 Sticks
Maple Habanero Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
Jalapeno Cheese Pepper Stix
$9.99 Per Pack
Pepper Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
Pepperoni Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
BBQ Bacon Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
Teriyaki Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
Kolbassi Snack Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
Hot Stix
$9.00 Per Pack
National Award Winning Kolbassi
$6.09 Per Pound
National Award Winning Hot Dogs
$5.99 Per Pound
Pulled Pork
$7.59 Per Pound
Fireman's Feast
$8.00 Per Pound. Slow Cooked Chuck Roast.  Simply Heat and Eat!
Muscle Jerky
$28.00 Per Pound
Teriyaki Jerky
$28.00 Per Pound
Sweet-N-Spicy Jerky
$28.00 Per Pound
$3.69 Per Pound
$3.89 Per Pound